dotConnect for Oracle Standard

dotConnect for Oracle Standard 9.1

dotConnect for Oracle is a data provider for Oracle built over ADO.NET architecture.

A data provider for Oracle built over ADO.NET architecture.

dotConnect for Oracle is an enhanced data provider built over ADO.NET

architecture and a development framework with a number of innovative

technologies. With state of the art ORM solutions such as Entity Framework

and LINQ to SQL, it introduces new approaches for designing applications and

boosts productivity of database application development.

Key Features:

* Flexible Connectivity

dotConnect for Oracle can connect both through OCI and directly over TCP/IP.

Applications written with dotConnect for Oracle do not require installation

of Oracle Client software.

* Database Application Development Extensions

dotConnect for Oracle has a rich set of design time tools that leverage the

development process greatly. Particularly, there are convenient design time

component editors, wizards and managers, toolset for live data binding,

DDEX, and much more.

* Oracle Advanced Features Support

dotConnect for Oracle allows developers to harness full capabilities of the

Oracle server. dotConnect for Oracle supports such Oracle-specific features

as Advanced Queuing, Alerts, Pipes, Direct Path Loading, Change

notifications, REF cursors, objects, packages, and others.

* ORM Support

dotConnect for Oracle offers enhanced ORM support with a bundled visual

designer for ORM models - Entity Developer with support for Model-First and

Database-First design approaches and flexible T4 template-based code

generation for the model. dotConnect for Oracle supports Entity Framework

v1 - v6.1, NHibernate, and LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to Oracle) -

Devart's own ORM solution, closely compatible to Microsoft LINQ to SQL.

* Workflow Foundation Support

Provides support for Oracle Workflow Instance Store and Workflow Tracking.

* BIS Support

dotConnect for Oracle supports Reporting and Analytics services and offers

Source and Destination Data Flow components for Integration Services

* Support for ASP.NET Identity 1 and 2

* Sync Framework Support

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dotConnect for Oracle Standard


dotConnect for Oracle Standard 9.1